Senlac Stone
12″ Coping

12″ Coping

The original 12″ bullnose swimming pool coping stone (305mm) is perfect for use with larger pools, and our range of different radii make it a popular choice among owners of freeform or unusual shaped designs. Like all our swimming pool coping stones, the 12″ is made from quarried dense reconstructed limestone and is immensely strong. The 12″ is the most widely used coping in the Senlac range.

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Product Sizings

Straight 24” long 2Q
Internal Corner 6” Radius 18M6
Internal Corner 12” Radius 2M12
Internal Corner Square 18L
Birdmouth Corner BMC
External Corner Square G
External Corner 6” Radius MG
Internal Radius 1’ R1
Internal Radius 2’ R2
Internal Radius 3’ R3
Internal Radius 4’ R4
Internal Radius 5’ R5
Internal Radius 6’ R6
Internal Radius 7’ R7
Internal Radius 8’6 R8
Internal Radius 10’ R10
Internal Radius 12’6 R12
Internal Radius 15’ R15
Internal Radius 17’6 R17
Internal Radius 20’ R20
Internal Radius 25’ R25
Internal Radius 30’ R30
Internal Radius 50’ R50
External Radius 1’ E1
External Radius 2’ E2
External Radius 3’ E3
External Radius 4’ E4
External Radius 5’ E5
External Radius 6’ E6
External Radius 8’ E8
External Radius 10’ E10
External Radius 12’6 E12
External Radius 17’6 E17
External Radius 20’ E20
External Radius 30’ E30
Roman End Low Profile 20LP/2PLP
Roman End Standard 20/2P
Roman End Spaform SPA20/2P
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