Senlac Stone
Flat Top Coping

Flat Top Coping

The Flat Top swimming pool coping stone has a similar profile to the Mini swimming pool coping stone but has a more traditional bullnose profile edging.  It is also half as long again, and is often preferred for larger indoor swimming pools. The additional length also makes Flat Top swimming pool coping stone a fine companion to Senlac paving, as our illustration shows. This range is being constantly expanded. Ideal for use with safety covers.

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Product Sizings

Straight 18 FTQ
Internal Corner 6 FTM
Internal Corner 12 FTM12
Internal Corner Square FTL
External Corner Square FTG
External Corner Square FTMG
Internal Radius FTR1
Internal Radius 2' FTR2
Internal Radius 3' FTR3
Internal Radius 4' FTR4
Internal Radius 5' FTR5
Internal Radius 6' FTR6
Internal Radius 7' FTR7
Internal Radius 10' FTR10
Internal Radius 15' FTR15
External Radius 1' FTE1
External Radius 2' FTE2
External Radius 5' FTE5
External Radius 10' FTE10
Roman End Starter RH FTO
Roman End Starter LH FTP
Straights FTQ12
Internal Corner 6 FTQM12
Internal Corner Square FTL12
Internal Radius 4' FTR412