Senlac Stone
Mini Coping

Mini Coping

Smaller in size than our other swimming pool coping, the Mini has been designed specifically for indoor swimming pools. It suits the enclosed environment very well and is a choice of many pool owners. The Mini’s non-slip smooth and warm to the touch finish is an added attraction.

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Product Sizings

Straight 12” Long MINQ
Internal Corner Radius MINM6
Internal Square Corner MINL
External Square Corner MING
Internal Radius 1’ MINR1
Internal Radius 2’ MINR2
Internal Radius 3’ MINR3
Internal Radius 4’ MINR4
Internal Radius 5’ MINR5
Internal Radius 6’ MINR6
External Radius 2’ MINE2
External Radius 4’ MINE4
Roman End Starter RH MINO
Roman End Starter LH MINP